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What are WildCoins?
WildCoins, the shiny purple coins you see in our service, are a flexible way to play a wide variety of games for less money. Similar to arcade tokens, you can use a few WildCoins to play games for as long as you want, and you don't need to spend more unless you exit the game or stop playing. This allows you to play full-featured games for a fraction of the retail cost. Plus, WildCoins are the perfect solution for playing games you don't usually re-play (like certain hidden object games).
Free Plays:
Almost all of the games we carry include full-featured free sessions instead of those aggravating 60 minute time trials found elsewhere. Because a WildCoins session doesn't end in 60 minutes, or restrict game features in any way, you get to take each game for a full test drive before using your own WildCoins. Try it out—just start a game and click "Play."
Play-To-Own Games:
Here's another really cool part: Every WildCoin you spend playing a game brings you one WildCoin closer to owning it. In other words, if you fall in love with a game and want to own it, you merely pay the difference between the price of the game less the WildCoins you already spent on it.

WildCoins Savings Example:

If you've played a game you enjoy multiple times and have used 12 WildCoins, you've already earned $3 off the purchase price. Every WildCoin used on a game gives you a 25¢ credit!
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What is WildClub?
Simply put, WildClub is the least expensive way to use WildCoins, and membership offers great benefits. Members automatically receive a stack of WildCoins each month at a discount (up to 44% off the pack price). In addition to playing our ever-expanding catalog of games, members have the option to <u>purchase games using WildCoins instead of cash</u>. Since most games cost 50 WildCoins to own, our fans in WildClub save a bundle on their favorite titles.

WildClub Savings Example:

If you've played a game you enjoy multiple times and have used 24 WildCoins, you can OWN the game for only 26 more WildCoins!
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